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Picture of Sharon Hunter Aiken and 2021 Gairdner Award from Johnston & Daniel
Take a Bow: J&D Achievement Award for 2021

In recognition of her exemplary sales performance and leadership in 2021, Sharon Hunter Aiken is a recipient of a J&D Gairdner Award.

Know the dangers of cold water
Ice Safety

Ice Safety in Muskoka. Frozen lakes can be dangerous. Here are some winter ice safety tips for venturing in Muskoka during the winter.

Muskoka Lakes Towns and Townships

Building and development on Lake Muskoka, Lake Rosseau and Lake Joseph are governed by The District of Muskoka and three Towns and Townships. This is a brief explanation of who governs what and how to reach them.

Muskoka Associations

Connect with the local consumer and heritage groups keeping watch over our community to protect and enhance the Muskoka experience.

Private Buoy Regulations

Placing private buoys can provide greater safety for swimmers and boaters alike. Learn more.

The Muskoka Watershed

Water is Muskoka's most valuable asset. Learn about the Muskoka Watershed and how you can contribute to its wellbeing.