24 Mar 2018

Muskoka Associations

There are several consumer and heritage groups keeping a watch on our community to protect and enhance the Muskoka experience.

These groups are a great source of valuable information and there are plenty of benefits to joining. They support the community and allow their members to pool their resources, address issues of concern and maximize their influence in the political and environmental realm. Plus, you might just make a few friends along the way!

Muskoka Ratepayers Association

Serving the ratepayers in Muskoka, this worthy group keeps a close eye on the actions of our elected officials and provides members regular updates and areas of concern.

Website: http://www.muskokaratepayers.ca/

Muskoka Lakes Association

The Muskoka Lakes Association was formed in 1894 and is Canada’s oldest cottage association.
Website: www.mla.on.ca

Muskoka Conservancy

The Muskoka Conservancy believes in working with the community to create and support a vibrant Muskoka that honours the traditions of the community and protects our natural spaces.

Website: www.muskokaconservancy.org