24 Mar 2018

Muskoka Lakes Towns and Townships

The District Municipality of Muskoka
The District Municipality of Muskoka

There are four Muskoka Lakes Towns and Townships that govern different areas of the three big lakes. Lake Muskoka, Lake Rosseau and Lake Joseph. Although the Building Bylaws are similar in nature, there are significant differences.

The District of MuskokaDistrict of Muskoka

This is the uppermost governing body in the region and its offices are located in Bracebridge.

Phone: 705-645-2231

Address: 70 Pine Street, Bracebridge

Website: District of Muskoka website

The Township of Muskoka Lakes

Township of Muskoka Lakes

The largest area of the three big lakes is in this Township.

Phone: 705-765-3156

Address: 1 Bailey Street, Port Carling, P0B1J0

Website: Township of Muskoka Lakes Website

The Town of Gravenhurst

Town of Gravenhurst

The southernmost Town on the Muskoka Lakes system.

Phone: 705-687-3412

Address: 3-5 Pineridge Gate, Gravenhurst, P1P 1Z3

Website: Town of Gravenhurst website

The Town of Bracebridge

Town of Bracebridge

Includes a large swath of the eastern part of mid-Lake Muskoka

Phone: 705-645-5264

Address: 1000 Taylor Court, Bracebridge, ON P1L 1R6

Website: Bracebridge Website

Seguin Township

Seguin T|ownship logo

Has jurisdiction over the most northern parts of Lake Rosseau & Lake Joseph.

Phone: 705-732-4300

Address: 5 Humphrey Drive, Seguin

Website: Seguin Township website


There are many similarities between each jurisdictions rules but also some big differences largely in what you are allowed at the shoreline. Never start a building project without checking the bylaws and getting a Building Permit. Don’t forget to get the Final Permit upon completion.