Picture of Sharon Hunter Aiken and 2021 Gairdner Award from Johnston & Daniel
Take a Bow: J&D Achievement Award for 2021

In recognition of her exemplary sales performance and leadership in 2021, we proudly announce that Sharon Hunter Aiken is once again a recipient of a J&D Gairdner Award.

“These award winners demonstrate the highest achievement in the standards of excellence,” said Johnston & Daniel COO Karen Yolevski. “We congratulate everybody for their achievements and applaud their extraordinary accomplishments.”

“Thank you for this acknowledgement,” said Sharon. “I count myself fortunate to be part of a strong and determined team that continues to provide stellar service in these challenging times. In addition to George and my wonderful colleagues at Muskoka Getaway, I also want to thank Johnston & Daniel for their support. And of course, thank you to our wonderful clients, without whom none of this would be possible.”

For over 50 years, the Johnston & Daniel awards program has recognized sales performance and leadership by Johnston & Daniel REALTORS® . The 2021 awards were presented at a virtual ceremony in February 2022. More details from Johnston & Daniel.

Chart of Active Monthly Listings Rosseau, Joseph and Muskoka, 2017 - 2021.
2021 Market Report Waterfront

According to Johnston and Daniel’s recently-released 2021 waterfront market report, historical high demand and the lowest inventory on record produced another frantic year in the Muskoka Waterfront real estate market.

Prices continued to climb in 2021, although the pace of change, in certain segments, seem to have slowed slightly compared to the massive year-over-year increase we saw in 2020. Two years of double digit-growth have fundamtentally shifted all price categories. The result: an average price of $1,637,892 for Muskoka waterfront properties in 2021. Sales fell slightly as result of low inventory — demand remained, as it did in 2020, off the charts.

Download a PDF of the full 2021 Waterfront Market Report.  | Interested in buying or selling? Sharon and George are only a phone call away. (705)646-3116.

Sharon Hunter Aiken, winner of the 2020 Gairdner Award
2020 Gairdner Award

We are proud to announce that Sharon Hunter Aiken is a 2020 recipient of the J&D Gairdner Award, presented in recognition of exemplary sales performance and success in real estate at Johnston & Daniel.

“Congratulations on your achievements in a most unusual and challenging year,” said Johnston & Daniel VP Business Services Corporate Brokerages, Debra Harris.

“I am so grateful for all of my wonderful clients whose continued trust, referrals, and heartfelt testimonials truly mean the world,” said Sharon. “Thank you also to my colleagues and to the entire J&D staff and leadership team for all of your hard work and support. Last but not least, thank you to George, Donna and Trish. This is a team effort and I truly appreciate all you do for Muskoka Getaway. Here’s to 2021.”

The awards were presented at a virtual ceremony in February 2021.

Picture of dock with bubbler on Shaw Island, Lake Muskoka
Shoreline Bubbler Lights — Make Them Blue

We are very pleased to see the debate on the best colour for bubbler lights cleared up once and for all, with the excellent article presented jointly by Muskoka Ratepayers Association and the Muskoka Lakes Association in the Winter 2021 edition of Muskoka Lakes Association’s Shorelines (PDF, opens in a new browser tab).

A Shaw Island dock with a bubbler

Blue is Best — Here’s Why

The short story is this:

  • Red is dangerous because a red light can easily be confused with a snowmobile brake light, thereby leading a rider into open water.
  • Amber is not ideal for visibilty, and that colour can be mistaken for the interior of a cottage light and so is not recommended.
  • Blue is the universal colur of warning and emergency used by snowplows and the OPP, plus, it performs best in low visibilty conditions.

We encourage you to check out the original article here (PDF, opens in a new browser tab. Article is on page 4, but the entire issue is excellent). Below is a picture of the article.

Join the MRA and the MLA

If you do not already belong, we encourage you to join the Muskoka Ratepayers’ Association, an oversight and advocacy group that represents member taxpayers’ interests in local government, property taxation, economic development, and environmental issues; and the Muskoka Lakes Association, whose mission is to promote the responsible use, enjoyment and conservation of the unique Muskoka environment.

Certainly, a group of concerned citizens can accomplish more by working together than any individual can on his or her own. Thanks so much to MRA Director Jim Boyd and MLA past president Lawton Osler for putting this bubbler light issue definitively to rest.